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Welcome to the sea and the lands of the Adriatic and Ionian area!

The Forum of the Chambers of Commerce of the Adriatic and Ionian area welcomes you to the Adriatic and Ionian tourism website.

What we are offering you is a virtual tour, an idea, a taste of what you can actually discover, live, hear and taste on the shores of our sea. Here you will find ideas, tips and suggestions to build your ideal holiday by putting together, according to your preference, destinations and itineraries through countries, coastlines, hills, history, nature and religious places, accompanied by the welcoming smile of the peoples who live in this region. The blue sea, the warm golden sand, the scent of ancient times, the freshness of nature, the thrill of adventure, the inebriating flavour of tastes...

A journey that starts from these pages and that, whatever your itinerary, will lead you to a marvellous experience of the senses and the spirit.

...we have also already selected some tourist packages of the Adriatic-Ionian area.

Enjoy your journey!

Adrion as the common trademark for the promotion of the Adriatic and Ionian Area: the European Commission's acknowlegment

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